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AspergillusMy lab’s primary research focus is the characterization of lung immune responses to A fumigatus. We have observed distinct species and isolate-dependent airway immune responses to Aspergillus conidia using a mouse model of repeated aspiration. Our results suggest that the ability of a particular species to germinate in host lung tissue drives immune responses appropriate for protection from invasive infection. In dormant conidia, structural components are hidden behind a hydrophobic rodlet layer, while in germinating conidia, immune stimulatory molecules such as β-glucan and chitin become more accessible. Our work aims to examine the broad hypothesis that immune recognition of fungal structural components and sensing of invasive growth direct innate and adaptive immune responses to fungi. In our laboratory, we employ natural or targeted mutant strains of A. fumigatus, each with distinct characteristics that allow comparison of lung immune responses based on differences in fungal composition or metabolism. We combine these strains with transgenic or knockout mice to study of the role of specific host immune effectors in fungal infection and allergic inflammation. We are also interested in how overall health of the host affects the balance between protective and detrimental immune responses. Understanding how the immune system senses and responds appropriately to the presence of disease causing fungi is critical for development of new therapies for the treatment/prevention of allergy and infection in susceptible individuals.

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